Unlimited Website Edits & Re-Design

We offer unlimited website edits and re-design services to ensure that your website is always up-to-date, visually appealing, and user-friendly all the time.

Available Support In This Plan:



Unlimited WordPress Support Services

What's included in edits?

This service includes a wide range of tasks such as content updates, changes in design and functionality, blog content or context edits, landing page formatting, plugin settings changes, changing images, adding more images, coupon codes, updating woo commerce cart, and more.

What's not included in edits?

This service does not include custom development services, such as coding new PHP in source files, building plugins, themes, or landing pages from scratch, updating custom code, graphic design, PSD to WordPress conversions, creating content, or building new websites or subdomains.

Unlimited support and WP fixes

We cover a wide range of requests that can be performed within the WordPress admin, including configuring plugins, troubleshooting errors, front-end content fixing, and changing broken backlinks. We offer fast and reliable support to diagnose and resolve problems quickly to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

Unlimited requests

We understand that website issues can arise at any time, which is why we offer truly unlimited support requests and edits to our clients. Our monthly subscription and above include all the unlimited technical support and edits you need, without any hidden fees. You will have access to the support they need without additional costs.

Response and Resolution times

Fast and efficient support is essential for your business. That’s why we prioritize answering requests within 2-6 hours on average, ensuring that our clients receive faster responses. Our team of experts is dedicated to resolving each request quickly and efficiently, with most requests being resolved within 24-48 hours on average.

Custom development

Some projects may require custom work that falls outside of our unlimited support scope. In such cases, we are always happy to recommend a trusted partner from our network, who can best assist with your request. Additionally, if you require services beyond our support scope, we are happy to provide a separate quote at an additional hourly rate.

Customer Testimonials

"Rocket Web transformed our WordPress experience! Their maintenance services are top-notch, keeping our website running smoothly and securely. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and always goes the extra mile. We couldn't be happier with their service!"

Emily Johnson


"Rocket Web is simply outstanding! Their dedication to excellence shines through in every interaction. From prompt responses to thorough maintenance checks, they exceed expectations at every turn. Thanks to their reliable service, our WordPress site is in great hands."

Michael Thompson


"Choosing Rocket Web was one of the best decisions we've made for our website. Their team of professionals is not only highly skilled but also genuinely cares about our success. With their proactive maintenance approach, we've experienced fewer issues and greater peace of mind. Thank you, Rocket Web!"

Samantha Miller


"Rocket Web has been a lifesaver for our company's online presence. Their WordPress maintenance services are second to none, consistently delivering exceptional results. With their help, we've seen a significant improvement in website performance and user experience. Trustworthy, reliable, and highly recommended!"

Brian Davis


What’s Included In Unlimited Website Edits Services

At Rocket Web, we take security for our clients to the next level and beyond.

We take care of your wordpress site so you can take care of business.

Adding New Pages

We offer top-notch WordPress maintenance services that include creating new pages for your website. Whether you require a static services page, a landing page, or any other page type, our team of experts can add it to your site with the content and design elements you provide to us.

We take care of your wordpress site so you can take care of business.

Adding and Configuring Plugins

Adding and configuring plugins is an essential part of running a WordPress website. Plugins can add new functionality, improve site speed and security, and enhance the user experience. Let us help you improve your website’s functionality with the right plugins.

We take care of your wordpress site so you can take care of business.

Front- and Back-end Edits

Front-end edits involve making changes to the visible elements of a website that users interact with, such as updating text, images, and formatting on pages, while back-end edits involve making changes to the underlying code, database, and server configurations.


We take care of your wordpress site so you can take care of business.

Adding Posts or Products

Our unlimited website edits services include adding blog posts and products to your WordPress site. All you have to do is provide us with all the content, graphics, and images, and our team of experts will format and publish the content on your website.

We take care of your wordpress site so you can take care of business.

Fixes and Troubleshooting

When running a website, it’s essential to keep everything running smoothly. However, sometimes things go wrong, and that’s when you need fixes and troubleshooting. We have experience with fixing common issues such as plugin & theme conflicts, broken links, and server errors.

We take care of your wordpress site so you can take care of business.

Content Edits and Code Snippets

Our WordPress maintenance services cover all aspects of content editing, including fixing typos, adding new content, updating images, and more. In addition to content edits, we also provide code snippets to help enhance your website’s functionality.

Flexibility That Scales With You

See Our Care Plans

Maintaining a website can be a daunting task, and we’re here to make it easier for you. Our monthly packages offer a wide range of services that include speed optimization, unlimited edits, ongoing security, emergency support, weekly maintenance, and more. We prioritize providing exceptional service to our clients to ensure their website runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely.

Get Matched with a Care Plan

Simply answer a few questions about your business and website, and our WordPress package tool will provide you with a recommended WordPress package. Whether you’re looking for basic WordPress maintenance or comprehensive support for your entire online presence, our tool can help you find the package that’s right for you and your business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of edits are included in unlimited website edits services?

 Generally, unlimited website edits services cover a wide range of requests that can be performed within the WordPress admin. This includes configuring settings within plugins, troubleshooting errors, fixing front-end content displaying incorrectly, and changing broken backlinks. Additionally, adding new pages, blog posts, or products to an e-commerce store, and making content edits are typically included in these services.

How long does it take to complete a request under unlimited website edits?

The turnaround time for completing a request under unlimited website edits services depends on the complexity of the request. On average, requests are answered within 2-6 hours and resolved within 24-48 hours. However, some small edits may be completed much faster.

Can larger projects be covered under unlimited website edits services?

Generally, larger projects that require custom work or are outside the scope of unlimited website edits services may not be covered. In such cases, a WP Buffs trusted partner may be recommended to provide the necessary support, or a separate quote may be provided at an additional hourly rate.

How can I submit edit requests to the team?

Edit requests can typically be submitted through a support ticket system or email. Some providers may also offer live chat or phone support for urgent requests. It is important to review the communication channels and protocols provided by your service provider to ensure that you can submit your edit requests effectively.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription to the unlimited website edits service at any time. However, it is important to note that cancelling your subscription will mean that you will no longer have access to the unlimited edits and other services included in your package. It is recommended to review the terms and conditions of your subscription carefully before making any changes to your plan.

Are there any limitations to unlimited website edits services?

Yes, there are some limitations to unlimited website edits services. Typically, custom development services, such as coding new PHP in source files, building plugins or themes, building landing pages from a mockup, updating custom code, and graphic design are not included in these services. Additionally, creating content or building out a new website or subdomain may not be covered by unlimited website edits services.